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Let The Bullets Fly



“Let the Bullets Fly” Takes Chinese Cinema by Storm

“Let the Bullets Fly” is a 2010 Chinese action-comedy film directed by Jiang Wen. And stars Jiang Wen himself, Chow Yun-fat, and Ge You. The film is set in the 1920s in China and tells the story of a bandit leader named Pocky Zhang (played by Jiang Wen). Who pretends to be the governor of a small town and takes advantage of the local corruption. The film was a huge commercial and critical success in China. Grossing over $100 million at the box office and winning numerous awards, including Best Film at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

The following are further details about “Let the Bullets Fly”  

1. A satirical commentary on Chinese politics: 

“Let the Bullets Fly” is a satirical commen tary on Chinese politics during the 1920s, specifically the warlord era. The film takes a critical view of the corrupt nature of those in power and exposes the way they exploited and oppressed the common people. Through its portrayal of the conflict between Pocky Zhang and Huang, the film highlights the struggle for power and the way it affects ordinary people.

2. A unique blend of genres: 

“Let the Bullets Fly” is a unique blend of genres that seamlessly combines elements of action, comedy, drama, and satire. The movie transitions between intense action sequences, humorous moments, and poignant character development, resulting in an engaging viewing experience. The film’s ability to mix different genres and create a cohesive narrative is a testament to the director and cast’s skill.

3. Talented ensemble cast: 

The film features a talented ensemble cast of Chinese actors, including Jiang Wen, Chow Yun-fat, Ge You, and Carina Lau. Each actor delivers a standout performance, bringing their respective characters to life with nuance and depth. Jiang Wen’s portrayal of Pocky Zhang is charismatic and enigmatic, while Chow Yun-fat’s portrayal of Huang is menacing and imposing. Ge You’s performance as Ma Bangde is also noteworthy, showcasing the character’s complexity and moral ambiguity.

4. Stunning cinematography:

 “Let the Bullets Fly” is visually stunning, with beautiful shots of the Chinese countryside and vivid depictions of the period setting. The cinematography is both stylish and immersive, enhancing the film’s overall impact. The film’s use of color and framing is especially notable, with each shot carefully crafted to convey a sense of place and mood.

5. Memorable soundtrack:

 The movie’s soundtrack is composed by Dou Wei, a renowned Chinese musician, and composer. The soundtrack features a mix of traditional Chinese music and contemporary sounds, adding to the film’s unique blend of genres. The music enhances the film’s emotional impact and adds depth to the characters and setting.

In summary, “Let the Bullets Fly” is a standout film that excels in every aspect, from its storytelling to its performances to its visuals and soundtrack. It’s a movie that manages to entertain while also offering insight into an important period of Chinese history.

important periods of chinese history

Plot and Characters of Let the Bullets fly

“Let the Bullets Fly” is set in the 1920s in China, during a time of political upheaval and social unrest. The story revolves around a bandit leader named Pocky Zhang, who takes advantage of the local corruption by posing as the newly-appointed governor of a small town. The real governor, Huang (played by Chow Yun-fat), is a corrupt and ruthless man who rules with an iron fist. Pocky and Huang engage in a battle of wits and a series of violent confrontations, with the fate of the town hanging in the balance.

The film also features several other colorful characters, including Ma Bangde (played by Ge You). The town’s wealthy businessman who is also a smuggler and a drug dealer, and his wife (played by Carina Lau), who is both beautiful and deadly. There is also Tang (played by Feng Xiaogang), a con artist who becomes Pocky’s ally,and several other members of Pocky’s gang, who provide comic relief throughout the film.

Action and Comedy

“Let the Bullets Fly” is a perfect blend of action and comedy. With plenty of thrills and laughs to keep audiences entertained. The action scenes are well-choreographed and exciting, with plenty of gunfights, explosions, and car chases. The comedy is also well done, with clever jokes and humorous situations that add to the film’s overall charm.

One of the standout scenes in the film is a long, drawn-out sequence in which Pocky and Huang engage in a battle of wits while playing a game of mahjong. The scene is both tense and funny, with the two men exchanging insults and barbs while trying to outsmart each other.

“Power isn’t in the barrel of a gun, it’s in the hands of those who wield it.” – Pocky Zhang (Jiang Wen)

This quote from Pocky Zhang, the film’s protagonist, highlights the central theme of power and corruption in “Let the Bullets Fly.” It suggests that power is not simply about physical force, but about the ability to control and manipulate others. It reflects the film’s underlying social commentary on the struggle for power in China during the warlord era and the impact it had on ordinary people.

commentary on the struggle for power

Social Commentary

“Let the Bullets Fly” is more than just a mindless action-comedy; it also has a deeper message about the nature of power and corruption. The film is set during a time when China was struggling to establish a new government and move away from its feudal past. The characters in the film represent different aspects of this struggle. From Pocky’s banditry to Huang’s authoritarianism to Ma Bangde’s opportunism.

The film also touches on themes of class conflict and social injustice. As the wealthy and powerful characters exploit the poor and powerless. Ultimately, the film suggests that true power comes from the people, not from the government or the wealthy elite.

Sum up of the story

  • In short, “Let the Bullets Fly” is a fantastic Chinese action-comedy film that has something for everyone. It tells a thrilling and hilarious story set against the backdrop of political upheaval and social unrest in 1920s China. The film features an outstanding cast of talented actors, including Jiang Wen, Chow Yun-fat, and Ge You. Who deliver standout performances in their respective roles.
  • What sets “Let the Bullets Fly” apart from other action-comedy films is its social commentary and message about power and corruption. The film presents a nuanced and insightful look at the struggle for power in China during the early 20th century. How it impacted the lives of ordinary people. Through the characters of Pocky Zhang, Huang, Ma Bangde, and others. The film explores the different ways that power can corrupt and distort the human soul.
  • Despite its serious themes, “Let the Bullets Fly” never loses its sense of humor or its sense of fun. The action scenes are thrilling and well-executed, while the comedy is clever and engaging. The film is a perfect example of how to balance action and humor in a way that doesn’t feel forced or contrived.

Overall, “Let the Bullets Fly” is a must-watch film for anyone who loves action, comedy, or Chinese cinema. It is a masterpiece of its genre and a testament to the talent and creativity of its director and cast. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible!

highly recommended that you do so as soon as possible

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