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Where Pakistan Army stands in Global Military Rankings 2024?

Pakistan Army has left behind dozens of developed nations to join the top 10 military forces across the globe.



Global Military Rankings 2024 Where Pakistan Army stands?

The Pakistani Army is falling short of developed nations in the arms race. But it is still among the world’s top ten most powerful armies. The Pakistan Armed Forces’ primary responsibility is to protect their territory from external aggression, but they also get involved in domestic political matters and manage civil administration. Despite this, the Pakistani Armed Forces are also frequently seen taking the lead in assisting civilians during natural disasters and climate change by utilizing military vehicles such as helicopters and helicopters to transport them to safer areas.

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world


The Army of Pakistan is ranked ninth out of 145 countries in military strength according to the most recent Global Firepower Index, which was held in 2024. The index’s perfect score is zero (0). And the results show how the country’s ranking has changed over the previous years. 

Top Ten Countries in Global Military Ranking

The Asian country (Pakistan) achieved the ninth rank with an index of 0.1711; in comparison to the previous year, 2023. Pakistan lost one point as Turkey was moved up to Pakistan. The Pakistan Army ranks seventh (7) in terms of workforce and active personnel and among the top ten in terms of air power. It also ranks among the top ten in terms of tanks, artillery, and rockets. It also received a par score in terms of Navak power, reserves, and natural resources.

Last Ten Counries in Global Military Rankings 2024

Despite these encouraging figures, Islamabad remains at the center of the worst economic crisis in recent memory. Pakistan’s economy is struggling and has received a low rating in the financial category. It ranks 23rd in the purchasing power parity category. 47th in the defense budget, and 62nd in the foreign debt category.

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