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The Miss Universe procession has charmed audiences worldwide for decades, showcasing the beauty, grace, and intelligence of women from across the globe. Each year, the competition grows savage as contestants include the spirit of empowerment and cultural diversity. This informative post celebrates the special rule of the last five Miss Universe winners, highlighting their achievements, impact, and offering to society.


Catriona Gray (Philippines) in 2018:

The Philippines hails from the beautiful island of Catriona Gray claimed the Miss Universe crown in 2018. Her shining personality and dedication to philanthropy made her an unusual ambassador for the organization. Beyond her stunning beauty, Catriona’s defense for education. 

Zozibini Tunzi(South Africa)in 2019:

In 2019, South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi caught the world’s attention with her powerful message of across-the-board and self-acceptance. from south africa as the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe, Zozibini wore out stereotypes and became a beam of hope for women of all backgrounds. Her passionate advocacy for gender equality and the importance of natural beauty carries on to inspire young women around the globe.

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Andrea Meza (Mexico)in 2020:

miss universe

Andrea Meza, representing Mexico, became the 69th Miss Universe in 2020, making a record for her country. Her victory symbolizes strength and the chasing of dreams. Her dedication to environmental sources, including promoting continual practices, further hardened her role as a global ambassador for positive change.

Harnaaz Sandhu (India)in 2021:

India hails from a vibrant nation; Harnaaz Sandhu appears as Miss Universe 2021, catching hearts with charm and intelligence. Harnaaz’s reign has focused on advocating mental health awareness, affecting millions worldwide. Through her advocacy, Harnaaz exemplifies the soul of the Miss Universe policy.

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 R’Bonney Gabriel in 2022

R’Bonney Nola GabrieL

R’Bonney Nola Gabriel, born on 20 March 1994, is an American fashion designer, model, and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe 2022, becoming the ninth representative from the United States to win the title. Gabriel was formally crowned Miss USA 2022.