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The 1980s was an era of bold fashion choices, and Black fashion was no exception. This was a time when Black people began to assert their unique style and identity in mainstream culture. The fashion of the Black community was influential and groundbreaking, and it still inspires many trends today. This blog post will closely examine some key elements of Black 80s fashion.



The Afro symbolized Black pride in the 1970s, but it became a popular hairstyle choice in the 1980s. The Afro was often worn as a large, rounded style that stood out from the head. Many Black people used products, such as Afro sheen or coconut oil, to keep their Afro looking full and healthy. The Afro was a symbol of Black identity and a celebration of natural hair.


Gold chains were a staple accessory for Black men in the 1980s. The bigger and heavier the chain, the better. These chains were a symbol of wealth and success. Black men often paired their gold chains with a simple T-shirt or tank top, wearing them outside their clothing to show off. Gold chains allowed Black men to assert their power and status in society.

In the 80s, Black fashion was all about making a statement. Bold colors, oversized silhouettes, and innovative accessorizing were the norm, as people used their clothing as a way to express their individuality and creativity. It was a time of great experimentation and self-expression, and Black fashion played a key role in shaping the cultural landscape of the era."


Shoulder pads were a popular trend in the 1980s, often worn by women in the workplace. Black women made this trend their own by wearing shoulder pads in bold colors and patterns. These pads helped give Black women a more commanding presence in the workplace and allowed them to assert their power in a male-dominated world.


High-top sneakers were a popular trend in the 1980s, often worn by Black men. These sneakers were worn with high socks and shorts, and they were a symbol of street style. Brands like Adidas and Nike were popular choices, and many Black men would customize their sneakers with different colors and laces. High-top sneakers allowed Black men to show off their sense of style and individuality.


Leather jackets symbolized rebellion in the 1980s, often worn by Black men and women. These jackets were typically black or brown and worn with jeans and boots. Leather jackets allowed Black people to express their individuality and rebel against societal norms.