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Tesla’s mega battery factory in Shanghai, China will boost the production of electric vehicles and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future.”



Tesla will open a factory to produce large-scale megapack batteries. And cementing another foothold for the U.S. company in China even as the political and economic tension between Washington and Beijing swirls.
Elon Musk said in their tweet on Sunday. And Megafactory in China city Shanghai will produce 10,000 megapacks annually and the output is equivalent to its Megafactory in Lathrop and Calfi, about 70 miles east of San Francisco. And the company is disbanded in the public relation department. Therefore not provide further information or detail.
The chief executive, Mr. Elon Musk, announced in a tweet that he would build a Megafactory of batteries. And assemble 10,000 giant batteries annually for electric producers and distributors.
The batteries factory, which Tesla called Megafactory. And also is designed to store a large amount of electricity. The capacity to store electricity when it is not in demand is critical as electric utilities move toward the wind. And also solar energy replaces power generated by fossil fuels. And in China, the demand for grid batteries is especially strong.
Many provinces now require for generating solar and wind farms to have enough batteries to hold 10 to 20 per cent of electricity. According to Tesla, a single megapack can power 3600 homes in one hour; hence the batteries, violently
the length and height of an international shipping container can discharge electricity to run factories and home to the local power grid to a higher power grid during blackouts.
Mr. Elon Musk said in their tweet that the Megafactory is to supplement the output of the Megapack factory in California. The Biden administrator and the Chinese government have pressured the companies to make large investments in emerging technologies.
President of Biden signed the law last year, providing incentives for rechargeable battery production in the United States to supply the American market. It is the $370 billion Inflation Act.
The Shanghai government has declined to comment immediately on Tesla’s announcement. For Tesla, shanghai is one of the single largest factories for making electric cars.
The latest update according to the media about the Megafactory of Tesla is that the Chinese factory will be built in Lingang. And a suburban area of Shanghai where Tesla’s vehicle factory is already located. Lu Yu, an official in Lingang, said that the local media that production could start as soon as the second quarter of 2024
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